How to get something repaired in your home

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As with any home, sometimes there will be a need to mend or replace things that have become damaged or worn out. You can report a repair in any of the following ways:


Ring RCT Homes on 08453 014141.

All repairs can be reported on this number from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

At all other times (including Bank Holidays) this number should be used to report only emergency repairs.

If you call before 9am, after 5pm, or on a weekend or bank holiday, and the call is not an emergency, then you may be charged for the cost of the call out.



You can request a repair by filling out a simple form on this website. Click here for more details.


In person

An electrician at workCall into one of our local Community Housing Offices.

When you report a repair, or ask someone else to report it for you, we will ask you some questions to help us understand the type of repair needed. This will help us to get your repair fixed more quickly.

Click on the image below to read our repairs handbook. It may help you to tell us exactly what needs to be fixed.

Click on this image to read the RCT Homes Repairs Handook











How quickly will the repair be done?

A plumber at workMost jobs will be classed as a routine repair, which we will aim to complete within 28 days of it being reported.

More pressing jobs will be classed as urgent and should be completed in seven days.

Emergency repairs will be completed in 24 hours.

When you ring us to report a repair we will offer you an appointment time so that you know when to expect a tradesman to call. If you would like us to, we will also send you a text message 24 hours before the visit to remind you about the appointment. It is important that you keep your repair appointment or the job may be cancelled.

If you cannot keep your original appointment, please let us know and we will arrange a more suitable time.


Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are where there is a danger to your health and safety or a threat of serious damage to the structure of the building. These can be reported 24 hours a day by calling 08453 014141. (Out of office hours this number will transfer you to the Wales and West call centre which can handle your emergency repair and contact a member of our repairs team.)

If we send someone to your home because you tell us it is an emergency but we then find that it is not, we will charge you the additional cost of the call out.


Whose responsibility is it?

Responsibility for repairs to your home is shared between us and you.

As part of the tenancy agreement we carry out most repairs to your home, but some repairs are your responsibility.


Repairs you must pay for

If damage is caused by you or by someone in your home you must either do the work yourself or pay to get it done. You may be able to claim for accidental damage through your home contents insurance.

If your home is damaged by a break-in or vandalism, you must tell the police. Ask the police for a crime report number and make a note of it. We will carry out any work needed to make your home safe, but we may charge you for this. 

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Last updated: 19 January 2016

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